Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Another desktop bites the dust?

I've heard this before; "All we need are thin clients". Most of the time I've wondered if they were talking about computers or their actual customers - the former hardly ever became thin and the latter is still chasing diet fads. However, an agreement between Google and Sun did catch my attention (funny though, the first link I see is Yahoo! news).
If you believe McNealy, Microsoft's approach of putting a lot of software on PCs is ``a remnant . . . that's so last millennium.''
There were some rumblings yesterday, before the press conference, that Google would be putting Sun's Star Office (or OpenOffice depending on the source you were reading) online similar to GMail. Interesting concept, wonder how well it would work. Its one thing when your HD crashes, its another if the 5th hop out from you to Google dropped out while you were working on a presentation.

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