Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Back to Action!

Last night I sat down at a 300 free-money SnG, 1 table (9 players) game at PokerStars. Figured I'd try to apply some of the things I learned at the Blogger Tournament and get back into the swing of things (lately I've been playing F.E.A.R. and GuildWars - the horror!).

For those that haven't played at PokerStars free-money tournaments - the 300 is what everyone can afford on day 1 of their PokerStars play. Play is generally ... well ... silly at times. I've been at tables that have imploded on the first hand dealt as 7 out of 9 players went all in pre-flop. Only the top 3 places are in the play-money. I tend to play the 300 level to wake-up when I've been quiet in the poker world.

So I sit down and get dealt two low suited cards. I fold, I'm not chasing anything from this position - learned that lesson. Flop came down, and three people went all in. One won, we're down to 7. 10 minutes later another 3 go all in, and 2 more are taken out. Down to 5.

Pretty quickly we're down to 4 as another player goes all-in against our aggressive chip leader. He picked a bad time. The chip-leader and the player in front of me start beating on each other, and the other player is now sitting-out (actually, he's been sitting out since he tripled up on the first hand *sigh*).

Eventually the aggressive player is aced, going all in (now that he's short stacked) with his 7-5 offsuit against the pocket 4s of the more conservative player. That leaves us with 3. The new chip leader eats up the tripled-up-sitting-out player pretty quickly leaving me in heads up.

Funny, at this point I've got 10% of his chips. Why is that funny? I tend to play well out of this position! We battle it back and forth for awhile, trading chips, until I sucker him into a hand...

I had 9-8 suited, the flop comes down 9-8-4. I check, he checks. Turn is another 9. Bells go off, I check again. He bets, high. I raise, he puts me all-in. I almost typed "Thank you", as he flipped over his pocket Queens. Ut-oh. Luckily, the river wasn't a queen and I doubled-up. That put us about even, with him a little up.

We traded chips for awhile again, with the larger pots falling my way. I double up again (on a set of 9s no less!) later on to put him where I was to start, and finished him off a hand later.

Next, back to the 2k tournaments!

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