Friday, October 07, 2005


Sometimes the universe really does work in strange ways. Yesterday I ran into an article talking about how the EU is moving to stop the monopoly that the US Government holds on the internet.

...It called for a "new co-operation model" that would not only oversee public policy matters but also create procedures for changing the internet's "root zone file", managers of country domains (such as .uk or .de), create a new arbitration service for the internet, and produce rules to cover the domain name system (DNS).

In essence, a new version of the current overseeing body ICANN and an end to the US government's overall control of the DNS...

And then today a friend points me at an article on ZDnet about two of the big players being stubborn;
...One of these companies, Level 3 Communications, has cut off direct communications with rival Cogent Communications, causing many of each company's customers to lose access to potentially significant swatches of the Net...
I can only imagine the trouble if a US backbone company ever did this to an overseas backbone company. Certainly makes you wonder about the stability of the net. If two providers can throw hissy fits and screw up customers (explains some of the sites I normally visit being "down") like this it will only throw more fuel into the fire of the US's internet control.

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