Friday, October 21, 2005

Corroboration! See!

One of the problems I always encounter with my friends and playing online is the "But these idiots drive me nutz". Normally they are referring to the people who go all-in on the first hand with cards you'd likely muck without consideration and go on to draw out the stronger hands. This is especially true with the lower levels of the free-money games as players can 'afford' to try to double (triple, quad) -up and idle into the money - because if they lose the game will ante up more for them.

Unfortunately, this is not the only place you find these kinds of loose-aggressive players and learning to play against them is important. Sadly, my words just echo across the table of my monthly tournament. So, go read over on CardSquad: "Reader Question - Playing Against the Maniacs".
Unfortunately, no matter what levels you play, you are going to find these maniacs. They are at the $100-$500 events almost as often as they are at the $1-$10 events, so saving up to deposit more of a bankroll is not going to help this particular problem. Many people have a misconception that the higher the level, the better the players are – it usually isn’t true. The ironic thing is, no matter how frustrating they may be, these are the types of players you actually do want sitting across the felt from you.
See. Its not just me. Now, go find a real excuse before our next game!

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