Monday, October 10, 2005

ID focus on XBox 360?

That title sounds like I've been delving more into the press corps. than the blogging world. Take a look at M$ announcement about the 360. Nothing surprising in there (I'm still waiting for the annoucement that Halo 3 will be 360 only), except for this tidbit:
Id announced here that it was not only making a new installment of its Castle Wolfenstein series for the 360, but was also creating much of the game with the 360's software-creation tools rather than with more traditional tools used to make games for PC's.
Carmack goes on to explain that the 360 has great tools, etc. Still, surprising to me to see ID doing a console only title. Did I miss something or is ID diversifying? Be interesting to see if they can keep their style into the 360.

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