Thursday, October 06, 2005


No, no limit poker (for a change). I've gotten back to working on my weight loss goal - 40lbs for the year. I've dropped close to 30, but recently had slacked off and gained some back. Enough to be miffed at myself monday and jump back onto the diet (thanks Peter and Rick) and change up my exercise to enjoy what time is left this fall.

I did my afternoon run, and made it back to a mile - huge for me. Having always been a sprint runner, it took me all of last season to get up to a mile. As I reached the house after the mile I felt burned, and remembered I had to mow the lawn.

I have a human-pushed-mower, yes it still runs on gasoline, but it isn't self-powered. I was sore from the run, and the workout I've been doing this week, as I started. The soreness worked well, the grass was high and the sore muscles kept me at a decent pace to let the mower do its thing.

As I got done I realized how my perception of my limits was skewed. I had finished the run, done the mowing, and later would do my workout - when I didn't think I had any energy left after the run.

Guess that's the key for me at this point; I'm convincing myself I can't do it vs. getting it done. I've improved to the point where I'm mentally holding myself back instead of it being physical.


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