Monday, October 03, 2005

MDM.EXE and the trials of Security Descriptors

I fixed it. Man was that odd. I finally found an entry in the Event Log that lead me to the problem;
The application-specific access security descriptor for the COM Server application C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe is invalid. It contains Access Control Entries with permissions that are invalid. The requested action was therefore not performed. The application set this security permission programmatically; to modify this security permission contact the application vendor.
Up to this point I had chased all the obvious solutions, checking my user rights, groups my account was a member of, etc. which were all fine. Then I went into Component Services and found the problem.

Here's what I did;
  • Navigated to /component services/computers/my computer/DCOM Config
  • Selected Machine Debug Manager
  • Right click, properties
  • Click on the Security Tab
  • Bottom of the screen, Configuration Permissions, click on the Edit... button
  • Click the "Advanced button"
On my system, this was a mess. Accounts were double listed, one with Special rights, others with normal (full or read) access. I cleaned this up so that each account had only one entry. Saved it out, and restarted the Machine Debug Manager service.

Things are back to normal now! Back to chasing where I muddled up this IDispatch interface.

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