Friday, October 28, 2005


The past few weeks my older kids have gotten hooked on Lego Star Wars on the Xbox. Hooked means, for the first time, they want to play daily and are trying to solve the missions as best they can.

The most addicted has been my son. He's still figuring out the controller (not bad for a 3 year old) and has a hard time doing more than one thing at a time (like jumping and controlling where he lands). So often my wife or I will sub in to help him get past certain sections. I walked into this conversation yesterday...

Wife: He's just like you...
Me: Oh?
Wife: I've been using the controller, but he's been telling me what to do - even how to solve the puzzles!
Me: That sounds familiar *bratty smile*
Wife: *dirty look*

Ack. There's two of us! It was bad enough when I lost control of Saturday morning cartoons to the kids, now I have to share the Xbox! Where will it end!? *laughs*

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