Monday, October 31, 2005

Offcourt Dress code for the NBA?

Some days the media really confuses me. I started by reading this article over on BBC which talks about how Hip-hop in the NBA is being outlawed. Players aren't going to be able to wear what they want as the NBA has laid down the law;
Banned under the new code are headphones, chains, shorts, sleeveless shirts, indoor sunglasses, T-shirts and jerseys and headwear such as baseball caps.
Sounds like hell. However, the write up on the new policy has a different story. If your an NBA player, and your on league business, you now have a dress code - business casual. Sounds familiar to the many codes that I've had to deal with while on the job.

What really got me, though, was when I read the BBC article it came off as "the players can't wear what they want ever" and it's really "when on the job, I'm required to". For the joy of playing the game and getting the salary that goes with it, it does seem a small thing to require.

Says the guy who chased down a loophole in his company policy so he didn't have to wear a tie. Good luck guys. Just remember, next we're stopping the MLB from chewing anything while being video taped.

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