Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pokerstars Blogger Tournament - Hour Two

Blinds started out at 75/150. Achieved my first goal, I have lasted into the 50th percentile. Now to see if I can score some swag. Would help to know where the pay outs were.

I just doubled up, which sounds good until I say I need to do it again - and while trying to finish this sentence end up going all in with pocket 5s against big slick and pull it off. That puts me back into ok position, maybe I do have a chance! And don't let me complain about bad luck after those two double-ups. A-Q vs J-10, and 5-5 vs A-K.

Ick. Finally got table bounced, took almost two hours but it's happened. Into a brave new unknown I go! 379 players left at this point. And half the table here is in the double digits - lol - I barely have 2k.

Finished 360th.

My KJ diamonds vs his AK clubs. Yup, he picked up the aces. Oh well, I still had fun. Prizes were only for the top 100 players. There's always next year!

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