Monday, November 21, 2005

Found it!

Go figure, on Amazon. I've been looking for a small extension cord (try 1 foot or less) so that I could fit two devices with huge transformers onto my power strip (my powered USB hub and the light I use on my monitor). Nothing locally, but Amazon had a hit from the CyberGuys! for their Liberator Combo Pack. They also have the individual cables, but the pack is a nice buy, imo;
Everyone needs Liberators. If you don't believe it look under your desk at your power strip. Liberators free up those outlets that would normally be blocked by bulky AC adapters. This value priced 6-pack includes 2 each of our three most popular styles; the original Classic, the Plus with its convenient pass-through outlet and the Flat which liberates outlets that are hidden behind furniture.
Has two of the ones I was chasing, plus the ones I've always wanted for behind my desk at home. The Flats fit nicely, even in pairs, in tight areas. I was able to make things much cleaner behind my desk and finally set up the power strip the way I want it. Of the bag, I haven't tried the pass through, no need atm. Perhaps upstairs for the Christmas tree.

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-john said...

I picked up about 30 one-foot extension cords a couple years ago (or whatever the quantity was that started getting me a discount as some online source) and must have at least half of them "in service" today.