Monday, November 14, 2005

Go Microsoft!

In the ongoing discussion on the Sony DRM RootKit, comes a fun one from, of all places, Microsoft!
We use a set of objective criteria for both Windows Defender and the Malicious Software Removal Tool to determine what software will be classified for detection and removal by our anti-malware technology. We have analyzed this software, and have determined that in order to help protect our customers we will add a detection and removal signature for the rootkit component of the XCP software to the Windows AntiSpyware beta, which is currently used by millions of users.
Translations? Microsoft has now classified the XCP software as malware. I bet that will cause a few ruffled feathers at Sony. I know Symantec has information (and possibly software, not something I run) on what do with XCP. Mcafee has additional details.

So far, so good. I still think Sony needs a strong slap on the wrist, not sure what punishment would fit the crime though.

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