Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Grumble, Grumble....

For my December Poker game I decided to have some fun prizes to award in addition to our regular stuff. I shot out and bought some typical swag online from one of the "big names". Due to the holidays the company would only ship 2nd day. No problem, I needed it here quickly anyway. No items were listed as backordered.

That was two weeks ago. The company charged my credit card the day after I placed the order. Now the fun part; I've been trying to contact them for over a week now by email and phone. I can not get a single response. The best part has to be hearing this voicemail message each time you call;
"Thank you for calling [name politely removed]. Our hours of operation are 8am to 5pm central standard time. If you are calling during normal business hours, all of our operators are currently assisting other customers."
The first few times, I thought that was funny. Now I wonder if they have any operators. Emails have gone unanswered, not even a polite automated "We got your mail" response. Nothing.

I had it. So I went over to my bank to stop payment, figuring that would get the company's attention. My order total was $50. To stop the payment would cost me $25! Half of my order cost just to stop a payment. Argh.

Guess the prizes will go toward the January game.

Grumble.... Grumble....

[Edit: I finally got a hold of someone on Dec 1st, and was informed my order was shipped on Nov 28 - but that the website was never updated. Everything should be on time. Took over a week of constant calling to get a human... but they are there.]

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