Monday, November 21, 2005

Impressions on Civ IV

Yes, I went and bought it. I'd say I got it for a good price too, $3.72. No, no joke. I've been making use of EBGames "cash for games" program. My gaming addiction has given me some good discounts. Lately though, there haven't been many games that catch my eye, so the value of my account had piled up - enough so that I got to risk buying Civ for less than $4.

I know some Civ fans cringed when I said 'risk' and 'Civ' in the same sentence. I've played all of the Civ titles, and Civ III killed my enjoyment of the game. The AI's lack of bargaining, the "my settler can walk deep into your borders and build a city, then use influence to take over your capital" etc. just drove me nutz. So when I was looking at the shelf picking out a new game, I was nervous - even after having read the reviews.

I must say, though, I am impressed with the game. Sid fixed the annoyances that killed my enjoyment. Once I get used to it I'm going to have to set it on fast-forward and see how the compressed game plays out. For now, my "Mighty American Empire" is about to declare war on the "Evil Spanish" as they're crunching into my borders and causing problems with expansion. Hopefully I can bring my allies, the French, into the battle and beat Isabella senseless. Yes, I'm having fun. :)

If your a fan of the series, you'll love this one. If you were like me, and Civ III made things un-fun, give it another go - you'll be surprised.

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