Sunday, November 13, 2005

In honor of WWdN....

Or at least all of Wil's chatter about dropping the hammer.

I jumped into a 9 player SnG on PokerStars over the weekend. Played ok, I had been a small hiatus, and got into the final 3, then heads-up. Once again I found myself the chip underdog. The leader had 10x what I had...

... but not for long. After 15 minutes of trading chips I was able to pull the nutz and suck him in. Some days it pays to be heads up against a loose-aggressive player. I turned the tables, and he was battling back from the brink.

We get into the final hand. I am dealt, you guessed it, 7-2 offsuit. I call his pre-flop raise and we see the flop. 2-2-9. lol. I put him all in and he calls. Poor guy.

Some days, the hammer does fall! Too funny, we were both laughing.

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