Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Thanks...

It's been an amazing year for me. I've managed to lose 30lbs, tone up, and run two miles consistently. For someone who's job it is to sit and write code and was only a 90-foot sprinter through school, that's huge!

I attribute the change to four people; First, Rick, who led me to the Seal Camp work out videos. Peter, who shared with me his "5 days on, 2 days off" diet. Scott Helvenston, the instructor and creator of the videos. Finally, my wife, who helped keep me going and was always there when I needed someone.

It was all of these things that helped me achieve what I did. For the most part, I've been able to thank everyone for their gifts. All except for Mr. Helvenston, he was killed in Falujah, Iraq in 2004. For those who would like to donate to the memorial fund to help his family, you can find information here. Without his subtle drive and boot camp push in the videos, I don't think my attitude would have changed enough to hit my goals this year.

Mr. Helvenston did help me with one other thing, aside from my workout goals, the answer to a paradox that I've been hitting with my wife's family. Invariably, at each family gathering, people have noticed how much weight we've lost and how toned we've become, and they keep asking the following question;
"How did you lose so much weight?! And don't tell me diet and exercise!"
Since the answer I would give has been denied me, I will borrow from the DVD;
"All you need is your mind, your body,
and a positive mental attitude."
- Scott Helvenston
Thanks to you all for your help this year!

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