Monday, November 28, 2005

No more Raster!

I swore I wouldn't go back to it. I did! I cancelled, walked away. Got hooked on GuildWars, finished it (it is a CCORPG after all and not an MMO, so there is an "end"). Played FEAR, picked up Civ IV.... and finally was convinced to give WoW a try.

*sigh* Level 11 Druid reporting for duty.

I'm not sure what order all this happened in, so forgive me. WoW combines the best elements of EQ and GW. Allowing you to drop in, play for a little while, feel like you did something and move on. There is very little downtime, and what downtime there is you can shorten -- yes, if you haven't played you read that right, you can shrink the low downtime even lower.

The graphics are fun, the world is fun, the quests are fun (got my Bear form, w00t! Thanks Kel). Ugh. I'll stop rambling now.

Come to the darkside!

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