Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pandora and Firefox

A note to all the Pandora users; Pandora does work in FireFox 1.5 [Edit: this fix also worked on my 1.0.7 install], but it may not work perfectly if you have the Adblock extension installed.

Symptom - Pandora loads, and you hear music, but you don't see anything.

Possible fix - Go to Tools->AdBlock->Preferences, click on the AdBlock Options button and make sure that "Obj-Tabs" is un-checked.

Another one I ran into was this;

Symptom - The Pandora page loads, but the player never appears and no music plays.

Possible Fix - Reinstall Flash. You'll need to get the proper uninstaller from Macromedia (I used these). Close and relaunch FireFox, and reinstall the flash plug-in.

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1 comment:

Sean said...

Thank you! I've been putting off trying to get Flash stuff to work in Firefox for weeks, and I finally did a Tecnorati search to find your post. Back to normal! Thank you.