Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Solid Advice....

One of the things I've found myself misplaying in a Poker tournament is a large stack. I used to take way too many risks and waste away my lead. I started taking less risks, but then I ended up missing some opportunities. Daniel Negranu just put up an article at The Poker Gazette -- "Use your big stack to control the table".

Here's a quick summary of his six points:
  • Attack the short stacks
  • Avoid the big stacks
  • Don't play big pots
  • Be creative
  • Strike fear in your opponents
  • Be a consistent presence
A good read. Many of his statements I had learned the hard way. I've been short stacked at many a table where the larger stacks wouldn't (wisely) let me limp into a pot - it was all or nothing. Some of the other points I hadn't considered.

The "Don't play big pots" was what had bit me early on. I'd allow myself to call with a marginal hand, that was likely beat, and lose too many of my chips. Then I went too tight and didn't cause any fear at the table. Funny how that works.

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