Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sony, what were you thinking?

Unless you've not been looking, Sony has made a major blunder. At least one of their CDs, when played on a PC, installs a Root Kit onto your system that hides files and registry entries with a "$sys$" prefix.

For those not in the know a Root Kit is the most insidious type of virus out there (Geeks: Yes I'm simplifying, I know). It plugs into your operating system at such a low level it can literally make things disappear. You wont know they're there. It's the ultimate playground for a Hacker.

That aside, Sony and its partner have released a patch to "show the files", but I agree with a lot of the sentiment out there: This should never have happened.

I don't care how territorial you are about your software, oh wait, music being pirated, you have no right to modify my OS at a fundamental level without my permission. In doing this, Sony is no different from any other Hacker who would drop software on my system without me knowing it.

I hope to see more done about this than a token wrist slapping and a retraction of the software. Hopefully before someone smart enough to fire off a real attack that uses this "feature of DRM" to do some real damage.

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