Wednesday, November 02, 2005

That was an odd way to end the SnG...

Have to file this one in the "are you kidding me?!" style of hands. I jumped into my normal 2k free-roll on PokerStars last night, 18 players (two tables). Did well, made it onto the final table and into the final three. I was short stacked a few times but a few well chosen (and lucky!) double ups put me into contention.

So here we are, final three, I'm on the button and I get dealt pocket 10s. The two other players are tight semi-aggressive players. I raise it to 2x the big blind, and am re-raised by the chip leader. A little odd, but nothing earth shattering. I've seen these guys do 4x the BB on pocket 3s pre-flop, so no red flags. The other player calls.

I decide its a good time to take a shot and go all-in. The chip leader also goes all in! And is followed by the other player! We're all all-in and the cards are flipped up...

Me: Pocket 10s
ChipLeader: Pocket 9s!


Other: Pocket Js!

Doh! Someone wanna tell me those odds? Gets better, but not for me. Flop comes down 9-something-something.

Ut-oh... Turn is a J! Ack! Well, that cements my end. 3rd place for me.

What a fun way to go out though!

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