Tuesday, November 22, 2005

TSO meets Geekdom...

I got hooked on the Trans-Siberian Orchestra from the original Napster and since then have gone to numerous concerts and bought all of their CDs (but remember kids the RIAA says that Napster took money away from the artists) . Who-ever the author of this video is did an amazing job choreographing his Christmas tree light show to one of TSOs songs (I wont ruin it for you).

Go take a look!!


ehrich said...

I think they meant the RIIA was losing money.

-john said...

Very entertainint...especially pre-caffeine :)

Thanks for the Wake-up.

qor72 said...

I'll have to work on my sarcasm Ehrich :D... that one has always cracked me up though. The one thing I found on Napster, before it was crunched, made them bucks.... I can't have been alone in that.

-john said...

I was out picking up Bryanna at the Y yesterday and heard a rockin' TSO number on the radio.

On impulse, I dragger her and her friend into Strawberries to see what they had for sale and I ended up with the trilogy (3 cds) + dvd box set.

This is some powerful music -- and by powerful, I don't mean that "our amps go up to eleven" though for some songs I'm sure they do!

Glad your blog has created another TSO fan!