Wednesday, November 16, 2005

WAAF Time Again!

Each year one of our local radio stations, WAAF, does the "Walk and Rock for Change" - a charity drive to benefit the Boston and Worcester food bank. I've been listening to it since the beginning, back when Hillman actually walked Route 9 with a wheelbarrow. Now, they have two routes... if you've never tuned in - do it! Even if you don't donate, the music that gets played is very entertaining.
Over the last 13 years, WAAF listeners have helped raise close to ONE MILLION dollars for the hungry. The Annual WAAF Walk and Rock for Change benefits the Greater Boston and Worcester Food Banks, both in dire need with the approaching holiday season. For three days, the martyrs of the Hillman Morning Show will give themselves to the cause. Greg Hill is on-air as your personal juke box; slide in the right amount of cash and he'll play whatever you want. L.B and Spaz take to the streets, walking from Worcester and Hudson, NH into Boston collecting change along the way.

Call in starting at 6:00 AM Wednesday, November 16th at 1-866-517-WAAF (9223)

The first year I donated, I had to send them the song via email! That's how much effort they'll put into getting your song on. In my case, it was Ma-nah-ma-nah by the Muppets. Yes, on the radio. Kids loved it.

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