Monday, November 07, 2005

WWdN meets my HS reunion...

Was just browsing WWdN and ran into a neat question;
I've grown a lot since those days, and I'm happier and more secure than I've ever been (not counting a time when I was too immature to know better.) Why is it, do you think, that it feels like a luxury to get to this place, rather than a natural and inevitable part of this life?
Having just attended my 15 year HS reunion, my answer would be - because not everyone arrives there. I'm not sure I have, as I'm still going through a phase of taking on my fears and getting them behind me.

In watching the people around me, you could see all the same patterns and cliques that were around 15 years ago. The "cool" kids now organize the events, those of us that attend slip into familiar groups, and then proceed to wonder who will step away from the wall to ask one of the girls to dance.

Oh wait! I'm married now, I have a date.

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