Thursday, December 22, 2005

Follow up on the TSO Christmas Lights...

This guy deserves some major credit. 25k lights and more than one tune! Personally, I'm shocked at how many doubters I've slammed into. So without further ado, resources to help you doubters STFU.


Snopes Entry
Claim: Video captures home Christmas light display synchronized to musical score.
Status: True.

Snopes has a nice picture of the family and the house during daylight hours. You can see another of his videos here.

And info on his Miller Light Commercial can be read here and inside is a link to watch the commercial, in full video glory - no image compression issues.



-john said...

I just saw a beer commercial with the same house, same song, and an addition of HAPPY HOLIDAYS. This guy has gone prime-time!

geoffg said...

Hay he did a nice job but lots of others did as nice a job and did not have to shut down there displays cuz they pss the neighbors off. check out he has 11 songs, 23,000 lights and didn't hack the neighbors off.