Friday, December 16, 2005

Nice job WoW!

I'm back to having fun in a MMORPG again. My Druid hit 20 and got his Cat form - w00t. Don't worry, understanding references in the post isn't required. *grins*

I was hanging around Westfall after we had finished the instance run with the guild doing quests to hit 20. No big, finished up, and flew over to Stormwynd to get my new skills. As I'm wandering around, I see all kinds of Christmas lights around the town. I explore a bit further and find a vendor selling "Seasonal items" - cookies, nog, wrapping paper. What a laugh!

The dude next to him has a quest, shoot over to Iron Forge and talk with Grandfather Winter. Cool! I grabbed the quest and flew back to IF. Found the guy, surrounded by other players, who were having a snowball fight! I was laughing.

Well Grandfather wanted some cookies and milk. Boy was I glad I had eggs on me! Made up some cookies and gave him one of my milks and he gave me a gift - which I still haven't opened! Very cool.

But what impressed me most was what happened next. Near Grandfather Winter was a regular looking dwarf with a quest. Talk to him and he's whining about how the Goblins (the ones running the seasonal shops) are ruining the true meaning of the holiday - and sends me off to learn about the original meaning of the season. I end up doing a few deliveries and find myself before the king to show my interest in the lore of the land.

Simple quests, yet the kind I find most fun - it allowed you to get into the season in-game, added some fun and gave you more background on the world -- making it feel that much more real. Having come from EQ where the banner cry was "what story?" having the various arcs in WoW has been great. Even more so that I see that Blizzard has the same kind of bratty fun that I was having in GuildWars.

It's all your fault Shrike!

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