Wednesday, December 07, 2005

... when you snatch the pebble ...

My eldest had been asking about learning Martial Arts, well, she's five and had really been asking to go to a "Kicking school" - still, I knew what she meant. I started looking around the area for somewhere that she could go that met my ideals of what I would like her to learn. Any fool can be taught to fight, it takes a different type of school to teach how not to fight.

Of all the calls I made , the one conversation that stands out was the one where the school assumed I was pushing my Daughter into it. This was my daughter's choice, neither my wife nor I pushed her into it. She pushed me for two months to find a school (yes, I'm that picky).
"The Sensei has found that children who start this young don't continue when they get older."
Aye, I can see that. If you push your child into doing something that they're not interested in, they're going to stop the moment they have a choice in the matter. The rest of the conversation was the student who returned my call convincing me that putting my daughter into a school was bad, but they'd love to have me come!

I could only shake my head. If you can't trust my word, trust my parenting, why should I trust your school?

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