Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Okay, I was surprised. I had to do some clean up on my work system and decided to do my monthly IT (defrag, ASR backup, etc.) as well. While I was poking around I ran into the {WinDir}\$NtUninstallKB* directories and their associated {WinDir}\KB*.log files.

These are the undo and installation logs for your Microsoft Automatic Updates. They just hover around on your disk. You can look in Add/Remove but you wont find them listed as removable and you can try to do a disk clean but it wont remove them.

How much space? 400meg in directories and 6 meg in log files.

There is almost half a Gigabyte of files floating around that I have no obvious way to clean up (did I miss something?). It turns out you can delete them for no ill-effect, but you still need to know to do that.

I can only imagine what a system in a few years will accumulate in mandatory undo and install information. Go look, see what you have. I'm curious to see who wins the "most space obscured by Microsoft" award.

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