Monday, January 02, 2006

Hello 2006!

One question I kept getting last year was if my weight loss was a new years resolution. In a word; No. I don't make new years resolutions as I've never seen anyone follow through with them. However, I do tend to set yearly goals for myself. Last year it was to lose 35 pounds and tone up. Made it, took the whole year too! Sounds the same, but I keep track of the goals and work toward them. *shrugs* Semantics in the end.

So what's on tap for this year? Continuing to learn Spanish. I hope to be fluent enough by the end of the year to be able to speak with my wife's family and not feel like some geek tourist with a translation AI. That will be on top of keeping the weight off and working toward a new running goal.

Should be a fun year. Now to get on top of practicing my Spanish daily! *laughs*


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