Monday, January 30, 2006

It would have made a fun TV hand...

So I'm in a 2 table SNG on Pokerstars doing okay, meaning, for once, I'm not feeling hurried or pressured. Not sure if that was the table or my game maturing, but that's a different story. I'm on the button with 8 people at the table. Limits are 50/100.

I get dealt an As 10h. Four players fold, one calls, I raise. The small blind folds, big blind calls, and the original caller stays in. Down to three players. The two I am left with are the short stack and the 2nd largest stack. I'm the 3rd smallest stack at the table.

Flop comes down: 5h Ac Ad

I can hear the announcer making comments about the music going off in my head. Indeed there are a lot of things going off in my head, but none of them are music. Both players check around to me, and I almost toss out a 100 chip bet, but think the better of it and check.

Turn: Ah

At a live table I'd be controlling my breathing and trying not to have my eyes bug out. This is my first quad, and aces to boot! Once again it checks around to me. I'm pretty sure that they have not put me on the 4th ace, so I lead out with 100.

The player to my left calls, and the next player raises to 200. Now I'm psyched, they must have caught a good hand. I re-raise to 1000. The player to my left folds, and the remaining player goes all in. I call.

Me: Ah 10s
Them: Kh 5s

River: 5d

Aces full of 5s loses to Quad Aces. Definitely a WPT TV moment. Not often you are in position, up against the right players, and flop the perfect hand to trap with.

It was a fun night. I did manage to win the SNG to boot.

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