Friday, January 27, 2006

News or Spam?

I got this one earlier in the week and have been puzzling over it since;
Subject: Reilly Announces Campaign for Governor

Dear Friends,

I wanted to write to you today to share some exciting news.

Today, it's official. I am a candidate for Governor.
A few of my friends, and perhaps a few readers, have also gotten it. It's serious, Mr. Reilly is running for governor (Globe Article here) in Massachusetts. First I'd heard of it, and what's more interesting I'm not sure why I'm hearing about it in this manner.

I thought about the obvious question for a few days; "Is this Spam?" Although the email is unwanted, it's not Spam by my mental filters. It's just unwanted mail, I'm not sure why the system thought I would be interested. I vote independent (as in I make my mind up without following what any single party tells me) so it is unlikely it was party based, especially since they list no party-affiliation in my record. So where did they get my email?

To continue the intrigue the site tells me "You have already been opted-in to the system". That much I knew, question is - how? That is still no where to be found. I don't like the idea of a candidate opting me in, via a service. If I gain interest in your campaign, I'll opt-in myself, thank you. I have written to the company, we'll see what I get for a response.

For the curious, I traced the emails websites to DCS Congressional whom offer services like the one Mr. Reilly used. I'll leave it to the curious to go read more.

Mr. Reilly, if your staff is scanning blogs, you were better off letting me find you. I can handle opting-in, without help, to interesting candidates.

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