Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What geek tools do you use?

I often have this chat with friends and family, so lets toss it out there and see what else we can add to it. These are the tools that I use/abuse/live with on a daily basis at work or at home:

jEdit - Programmer's Text Editor. Everything from XML to ASP. Best editor I've used.

Cygwin - I may live in Windows but it doesn't mean I have to suffer in it. Cygwin brings GNU tools to those of us stuck with a DOS 3.1 command processor. I left years ago and never looked back. I use too many things in this kit to list; from vi to fetchmail it can all be in there, pick and choose to get the build you need.

CRM114 - My anti-spam filter. Been using it for years now. As you'll see, I've gone to some effort to even get this working on Windows with T-bird.

FireFox - If you have to ask, you've been asleep. *grins*

Firefox Addons:
  • Sage - Nice RSS reader.
  • Download Statusbar - Instead of the download dialog box, puts them into their own status bar.
  • Tabbrowser Preferences - Tab browsing options and tweaks. Been using this since FF1.0.
  • Adblock - Best way to block what you don't want and keep what you do.
Thunderbird - I got really tired of dealing with the upgrade path when changing Windows OS' with Outlook. I now have my laptop using Cygwin, CRM114, and a local mail provider. Geek central, but I get annoyed when spam gets through instead of getting annoyed at spam.

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