Tuesday, February 07, 2006

5 more levels...

Wonder how many people stopped reading at the title? *chuckles* Actually, 5 more pounds, but I've been noticing lately how many gaming terms cross over easily into real life. If I have to "grind off 5 more pounds" people know what I'm talking about - gamers may even wince.

Ever want to frag the boss? Actually, I have - no, not in real life. We had a hell boss once and one of the managers jumped into our daily gaming session with the "evil bosses" name. I'm still not sure he survived more than 10 seconds after a respawn.

How many people do you know that are Gold Farming? Okay, a small stretch on this one, but I can think of a few folks that fall into this category. And in many cases, I'm rooting for them to farm well so I can have a job offer! *laughs*

Ah well, back to the grind.

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