Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Exercise causes dreams?

Sounds like a bad spam title. Lately though, I've been having one dream after another - still not impressed eh? For the last almost 6 years if I had a dream a year, it was a lot. I had no memory of dreaming when I awoke. Got me into no amount of trouble with my eldest Daughter as she was figuring them out.

Daughter: "Dada what did you dream about last night?"
Me: "Nothing."
Daughter: "Daaad, just tell me"
Wife, quietly: "Just make something up..."

Had that sequence play out more than once. Someone has unplugged my dream conduit. I'm getting all kinds of weird ones. I think my favorite was the government installation where they needed a crane (huge thing, think building sky scrapers) to lift the roof and put it into place (think Kinex) because it had started raining.

I wonder if you put all the dreams to a cohesive story if you can get a book deal? All I do know is that recently I've been focused on dropping the last 5 lbs. I've been working out 4 or 5 days a week and practicing martial arts 7 days a week. Other than that, diet perhaps? *shrugs*

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