Monday, February 13, 2006

Keep it simple....

Sometimes you forget that the most elegant solution is the simplest one. My todo list has had an entry for creating a list of upcoming birthdays for us. Since the Palm's fell into disuse and neither of us has any need for a calendar program, we've been falling back on manually keeping up. You can guess how well that's been going. The current (incomplete) list of birthdays we track is 67.

So I had put it down to work up something. My original notes had a XML solution that would have some kind of script generate the upcoming birthdays. You can tell this was during my learning phase with XML and XSLT (/wave poker site). As I look at those notes now, man what was I thinking. Talk about obfuscated...

Last week I took 30 minutes and jammed out a nice, simple, web page with some dynamic javascript. I took some hints from the TiddlyWiki guys and some of my own documentation and put together something that takes an array of birthdays and computes how many days left before they hit and displays the upcoming ones.


Already in use and easy to use. No funky XML. No pre/post processing. Nothing I can't teach the wife to edit. Sometimes you really do get lost in the geekiness. A lesson to (re)learn often I think.

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