Thursday, February 02, 2006

Non-Geek Tools?

You were expecting this weren't you? Although some of the other ones weren't exactly 'geek tools' (email and web surfing isn't geeky any more, is it?) there were a few others I didn't post about;

WinAmp - My MP3 player, streaming, ripping, tool. I love the "make a mix based around this song" feature that was recently added.

Pandora - Great site for listening to music you may not normally hear. Configure to what you'd like to hear and let it go. (Although I haven't used it, heard a bit about servers were down when I went to check it out)

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Al Toid said...

What about some of the other non-geek things to help with the whole parenting thing?

Duct Tape - often used to help keep rambunctious children out from underfoot so Daddy can get some work done.

Flickr - often used to keep grandparents and extended family off your back by giving them pictures of the little ones to show around the bridge circle.

and my personal favorite:

Geek Squad - A way to keep the endless can you help me with... questions to a minimum from non-techie family members.

More yammering from the dark...