Friday, February 10, 2006

Psychological Phases of Fitness

Big surprise, I've been quiet during a long work out week. Awhile back I made a purchase at (two shirts with "The only easy day; was yesterday" on'em to celebrate the year long battle the wife and I had with our own goals) and got on their mailing list. Unlike many store-spam lists the NavySeals list covers information for those heading to BUD/S (or aspiring to) and those of us just looking to improve. Yesterday's article covered The Five Psychological Phases of Fitness written by Stew Smith. I'll summarize them here, you should go read the article.

Phase 1 - The decision to get healthy/fit
For me, this was when I hit 240lbs. That was it, it was time to tone up and lose weight.

Phase 2 - Doubt
I hadn't thought about this, but he's right. After a little while, you hit a plateau, haven't lost as much as you want, etc. and start to think "I can't do this". It's important to stay motivated and focused on your goals - you can do it.

Phase 3 - Conquered Doubt
A logical step from Phase 2. Once you get motivated you decide that your going to win - a lot of things change, mostly in your mental attitude, and the rest follows.

Phase 4 - Identity change and self-confidence realization
I had blogged about this last year; the change from "I can't" to "I can" in your mental attitude.

Phase 5 - Continuing
My kind of list. The journey never ends, you just need to find goals to keep going.

A very nice summation and read.

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