Monday, February 20, 2006

Requirements Creep..

The birthday events are over. My daughter turned 6 this past weekend. Now, despite my wife saying that big birthdays were only going to be every 5 years, this years events started on Friday.

So on Friday the school sings Happy Birthday to all the kids who's birthdays are happening or will be missed by weekends or holidays. Then, I go to and meet her for lunch. This is my second time doing lunch with my Daughter and her class and I still feel like Gulliver amongst the Lilliputians. Good food day though, they brought in Papa Gino's pizza.

Saturday we have her Martial Arts party, a good time. Fun watching kids trying to pick up marbles with chopsticks. Also hilarious watching the parents afterward trying. Saturday night, the grandparents are over for their turn. More pizza.

Sunday we do a fajita lunch with the God Parents. In the early afternoon the final final surprise arrives, 6 of her cousins come to spend the night (we babysat for one family so the parents could have some time to themselves). 9 kids in the house with ages ranging from 16 to 2. Star Wars, Wallace and Grommit, and of course, Pizza for dinner.

Right now its eerily quiet. No kids around, just me. Everyone has gone out. The dog and the cats are all asleep and the energy has gone out of the house. Time to get some lunch...

Lunch? Omlet. I'm tired of pizza.

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