Friday, February 17, 2006

The same, but different...

Funny how things people say can grate on you. My wife uses this one often; "It's the same, but different". I'm still trying to figure this out. How can something be the same and different at the same time? It's either the same, and it hasn't changed, or it's different and it has changed. We've had this discussion more than once, and I'm about to lose.

Last night the unthinkable happened; I said it. Unfortunately it was the only way to illustrate a point. I got to thinking about my kids, how we're bringing them up, and how I was brought up. The circle of life if you like the phrase. In that way, my kids are growing up the same way I did - they have a roof over their heads, parents, etc. Nothing new there.

Except that I've taken to ensuring that they will be primed for going into public school and for dealing with some of the too common media events. Do your children know what to do when a friend starts playing with their parent's firearm? Hint: Its not try to disarm the friend. Mark me paranoid, but these are skills that could save children's lives.

Anyway, their experiences, the parenting my wife and I do, will all make them different people. So in that way, they will be different; well same but different. Each generation makes their mark, changes things slightly, and starts the process again.

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

And in the end, every kid grows up being "the same but different" from their parents. Interesting to see how the differences add up. Chaos theory at its finest.

I can already see the smirk my wife is gonna give me when she sees this. *laughs*

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