Monday, March 27, 2006

163 of 6000

No, I wont be talking about the borg. I decided on Saturday to jump into one of the free-play satellites that PokerStars has. These vary, anything from a free-money buy-in (where you win fake cash) to a completely free tournament where the top players advance into other tournaments. I did the latter.

Most times when I tell people I jumped into a 6000 player tournament their jaw drops, "The game must take forever!" is the usual comment. No, not really. At the end of the first hour you've usually lost half of the players - normally me included. This time, though, I saw two sets of breaks before busting out just before the third break. I am really pleased with my play, however this isn't always about me. ;)

What I did find is that these tournaments get closer to the type of game I want to be playing. The blinds are still slower compared to what I've hit in the casino, but the level of play was more accurate - well, after the first hour anyway. You were able to bluff, steal the blinds, slow play - you could break out the poker skills and work on them.

It was a very fun night. I busted out right around 11p having started play at 8p. Not a bad 3 hours. For those of you on PokerStars you can find these tournaments under the (you guessed it) tournament tab for Play Money. They happen daily at various times.

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