Saturday, March 11, 2006


For whatever reason that was the only word that came to mind today. Today, after 6 years of solid service, the crib that all of my kids have come home to and outgrown was decommissioned. My wife and the youngest went out to buy a new kid bed and the elder two and I took apart the old one.

The kids thought it was a lot of fun taking it apart, seeing how the screws held it together or what the underpinnings looked like once we had the sides off - me, I'm still staring at the memories.

I remember the first time I put it together. I think there's a blackmail shot of me under it, tools tossed about, as I was figuring it out. I remember when we moved my first child from our room into "her" room and how every noise for the next week made one or the other of us wake up and do a "she's okay, go back to sleep". I remember how we took the side off so my youngest could have a semblance of a bed as she moved toward today's transition and the elder two moved into their bunk beds.

In the end, all I can picture, is placing small few-month-olds in and out of it and how much my life has changed.

It was a good crib.

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