Friday, March 10, 2006

Foxwoods Tournament #1

Today I got into my first real Poker tournament at Foxwoods. This was an $80+20 no limit Hold-em, one of the regular daily games. There were 250 entrants, figure I was in the top 60 when I popped. I was happy with the way I played and with what I learned.

The final hand was the right person, the right bet and the wrong time. Unfortunately the tight player I was trying to push out caught the flop - my bad for not pushing it all-in pre-flop and making him choose then. Lesson learned.

The other lesson had to do with the way the tournament play works. With 250 players, they were compressing tables at a fast rate. We were at 300/600 blinds with 75 antes when I found myself short stacked at the table (~3500) I was moved into. I knew I was in trouble, but being my first time in I didn't realize that stealing the blinds would be so key - if you always have 10 players, playing your position and the players becomes more prevalent - you can't wait for a perfect hand or you end up short stacked.

Not bad for a $100 lesson at Foxwoods. I'll be curious to see how things change as they open up the SnGs in the new poker room in a week. I'll be back, I'm hooked. I still want my moment in the WPT camera.

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