Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Patriot Guard Riders

There are some news articles that make you sad, others angry, and a few proud. This article on CNN will do all of the above. The writer does a good job of telling his story, he is following the movements of one, in my words, deranged preacher, a Mr. Fred Phelps. He and his family have made it their personal goal to ride around and disrupt military funerals.

No, you read that correctly. Disrupt their funerals. He has very chilling signs "Thank God for IEDs" etc. I wonder about his sanity. According to a little reading he believes that "You can't preach the Bible without preaching the hatred of God". So they go around disrupting an already emotionally charged event.

Thankfully, in America, for every evil there is a group of good Samaritans that will stand against them, in this case the Patriot Guard Riders. Now these guys deserve some press, and the first time I hear of them is in the addendum to the story above. So, lets get them the press they deserve!

Army Times - Free Republic - Google News - Their website!

And the list goes on. You can see groups forming all over.

Protest the war, protest the deaths, but leave those mourning their husbands, wives and children alone. They, and their families, have already paid the price to safeguard your right to protest - have some decency to do it elsewhere.

Let them mourn in peace.

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