Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pocket Pair Wars!

This was a fun hand I had at my typical SnG on PokerStars the other day. We were at a full table of 9, when I got dealt pocket 6s in the BB. I had been having a run of luck, so I pushed it up to 3x BB and most of the table folded, except for two others.

The Flop came down J 6 Q. Not bad, not bad. The player to my left leads out strong, next player calls, I re-raise and the all in wars begin. All 3 of us end up all-in.

Lefty: 7 7
Righty: 8 8

Gotta laugh when things like this happen. Although they weren't laughing when I turned up trip 6s and they were both behind. I survived, and took two more players out. Interestingly, even though I was winning (at showdown no less) the players still didn't believe me on that initial raise, or they felt their pairs were better than what landed. Makes you wonder.

Ended up placing 2nd in the SnG. Learned some good lessons about dealing with "sitting out" players and how to behave when your heads-up but not heads-up.

Story for another day.

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