Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Teaching vs. Correcting

I've been attempting to continue my learning of the Spanish language. Due to reality, I wasn't able to continue taking the one I had been learning from and I realized that too late to grab a spring semester at a college and the only other class I was able to track down was already running. Bad luck, to be sure, but no reason to stop. So I've been doing my best talking with my wife and her family.

In doing so I've realized that there is a big difference between teaching and correcting. I am very pleased that my wife's family takes the time to correct me - I know it's like listening to a two year old, and the corrections do help - but the biggest change in my learning has been from those who help me to keep going - the ones who teach.

It's the difference between "Here's how you should have said it" and "You did okay, you just flipped these two words and really meant to use this one". Subtle, to be sure.

Amazing how small the important things are. Now to apply that to my own teaching.

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