Monday, March 13, 2006

Tournament Stories...

Thursday night is a blur. It's as if someone hit the fast forward button around 4pm. As work wound down I was just able to get the 4 hour process running before heading up to be with the kids and get packed.

Head up stairs and gain my helpers. The younger two didn't get into it, but my eldest was all into helping. Back downstairs to get an overnight bag to fill, and then the two of us went through everything I needed to bring. I picked out the clothes I wanted as she reminded me to bring my toothbrush, toothpaste, one (yes, just one) Q-tip to "clean my ears after my shower", and a ziplock bag filled with tissues ("in case they didn't have any").

Finished packing and had dinner. I have no idea what we had. I think the editor did a fade-to-black and brought up the next scene at Martial arts. Who ever did the editing, left the fast forward button down though. Class was a blur of the dojo getting ready for the tournament on Saturday. Mostly boosting the confidence of those going and helping to get them some experience before they went.

Fade-to-black, bring up the lights back home. Back from class running around getting changed. Not sure how a Gi would go over at the tournament, bet it would be unique though. Grab the bag, jacket, and head out the door. I remember leaving, with the radio playing Queen's "We are the Champions".

Tomorrow: Fade-To-Black and bring up the lights on Hand #1...

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