Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Addiction ... ?

Like most of us I find myself picking up some nasty habits. The past few weeks have been illness central - the kids have been sick, the wife has been sick, I avoided it - not sure how really. However, my avoidance required half a box of Bawlz and enough Mountain Dew to keep Pepsi sending me thank you cards for their extended vacations. It got to the point where I needed one or the other to 'wake up' in the morning. This from the guy who usually has an orange juice and water. Not good.

What would you do?

Now take a moment to think about it. Any morning coffee drinkers out there? What must you 'have' in the morning? A Shower? Favorite websites? Email?

I'd be surprised if you didn't have some sort of morning ritual - probably benign. This caffeine kick I was requiring was no longer benign. I don't like having to 'need' something to start the day so I took action.

No more caffeine, at all for a week. Harsh? Maybe, but only for a few days while my body decaffeinates. Then its back to (ab?)normal and onto life where when I do need that pick up, I have that option.

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