Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Good upgrade!

Sometimes you just have to laugh. My kids inherited my old gaming rig (minus a few parts that upgraded Mom's system). It's a stable Win2k build that has survived my gaming and two kids so far. Not bad for the first system I built from the ground up.

When the kids started surfing I did the unthinkable in the Windows world; I made their accounts unpriviledged. Yes, that's right they can't install every virus, trojan or bot out there. They need Mom or Dad to come in to upgrade the software they use and keep the system up to date. Oh darn. It's worked well.

It was no surprise this morning when my Son showed me that he needed to update Flash and Shockwave to play some of his favorite games on NickJr.com. I put down my work for a moment, logged in as Admin, and he directed me to where the prompts were and we got the updates installed. Good.

Nope, no Good. For some reason his favorite Dora game kept telling us that Shockwave wasn't installed. Odd since I could play games at Shockwave.com no problem - even weirder was that Macromedia's "About Shockwave..." site didn't think it was installed either.

Weird. Uninstalled, reinstalled, jumped through hoops. No luck. Still wouldn't run - as Admin or Restricted. Very weird. So I start googling for solutions and after some toying did find the answer ... ready?

The {SystemDir}\System32\Macromed directory needs to be writable by all users. Then things work fine. I still wonder why, but at least they can play again.

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