Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I think I understand

The week that prompted my cold-turkey stint away from caffeine was also the worst week I've had on PokerStars. I managed to drop 100k in chips in one week. As you can imagine, I wasn't too happy - sure it's only play money, but it still stings. It did give me a better understanding of Phil Hellmuth, I think.

During my losing streak I was making some amazing calls. I had a good read on my opponents and was making good moves. Give you an example, I managed to call an all-in raise for my entire stack with A-Qo, only to have my opponent flip A-Jo. The flop was no help to either of us, and then he caught two Jacks. *splat* Another time I had kings against my opponents 3 card straight - you guessed it, he runner-runnered the straight. And so on when my 100k in chips.

I finally heard myself say "If it wasn't for luck, I'd be winning". Ut-oh. Not a good sign there, I guess I had to exorcise my Hellmuthian rants to get through it. It was true though I had made the right move, only to be clobbered. You know what?

That's Poker.

Thankfully I'm on the rebound. I took a week off, got clobbered in a few more tournaments and figured out that it's going to happen. I'm not close to my 130k, but I'm back to feeling like myself at the table - it's no longer "their luck beating me up" it's just a "bad beat".

I placed 268 out of 6000 (top 4.5% and in the money! w00t) last night at a 300+20 freeroll tournament. A definite confidence builder. Now I need a solid place in a 10k tournament so I can get back to rebuilding my stack! *laughs*

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