Monday, April 03, 2006

Not Again...

Wife: "How'd you do at the poker game?"
Me: "I placed 2nd!"
Wife: "Want the bad news...."
*I feel my heart drop*
Me: "What did you do to my laptop?"
Wife: "I didn't do it! It says 'operating system not found'"

And it went downhill from there. Yup, once again my Alienware has decided to give up the (norton) ghost for no good reason. Talking with tech support only taught me how to use the reinstall images, rah, want to tell me that whatever caused this loss of OS wont happen again?

Grr. I paid $3k for a gaming cadillac. First, I found out the security, comfort, and leather seat options came seperate and had to be installed by the dealer - and that was me. Okay fine. Then the windshield imploded, and they replaced it. Then, after chasing it for three months, we found out that the engine was bad and that was replaced. Now, randomly it would seem, it forgets how to start.

But, since it does start. That's ok.

Is it just me or if this wasn't a PC they would have replaced it? Appologized? Perhaps even offered me a new one since this one is clearly defective?

Nope. You can reinstall it, and your apps again.

Lessons I have learned from this experience...
  1. This is my first and last Alienware. I have never paid so much for a system I can't trust.
  2. Norton Ghost doesn't like to work on RAID based systems. I have a complete backup, and even specifying the drivers for the RAID controller, I still can't do a complete reinstall. (If you know how, please let me know!)
I hope Dell has better luck with Alienware than I have.

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